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Have you tried everything and are not sure what to do next?

Are you worried that nothing will work for you?

Trust me, I've heard it all from:

  • What am I going to do WHEN this doesn't work?

  • If I could just go to sleep, I sleep fine the rest of the night.

  • I fall asleep so easily, I just can't stay asleep.

  • I don't want to keep taking these pills every day.

  • I can't do meditation, I just can't shut my mind off.

  • I've tried everything, I've read everything, what can you possibly tell me that I don't already know?

What do all of the people who said these things have in common?

They decided to try something new and cured their insomnia!

Image by Uday Mittal

The Misconception

Most people believe that insomnia is a physiological problem and try to solve it by changing their environment, their lifestyle, or with drugs and supplements and get frustrated when none of it works.

But the truth is, in most cases, it is a pattern of behaviour that creates a negative belief system and it can be changed. Sleep is a skill that can be (re)learned and developed.

During this 15-Minute Assessment, you will


if you have insomnia or some other challenge that is keeping you awake


what the next steps are to getting your sleep back on track

Image by Kinga Howard
Image by Fuu J

This is for you if...

  • you're committed to kicking your sleep problem once and for all

  • you're ready to wake up each day feeling rested and full of energy

  • you're ready to transform your life

Image by Laura Chouette

This is not for you if...

  • you're not ready to admit you have a sleeping problem

  • you think it's not that bad and you can keep living with it 

  • you're not ready to take action on the valuable advice I will offer

Book now

Book your 15-minute consult
with Lana now.

I understand you because I've been there too. For more than 30 years, I struggled, desperately seeking ways to attain the rejuvenating rest and the energy necessary to pursue my dreams. It felt like an uphill battle just to make it through each day. But now, not only do I wake up feeling amazing, but I also possess a sustained energy that carries me throughout the entire day. I no longer need to convince myself that tomorrow will be the day to start that exercise program, enroll in that Spanish class, or embark on that side hustle. I've stopped postponing my life, waiting for some elusive day when I might miraculously feel better.


The question is: Are you ready to stop postponing your plans and goals for tomorrow?


Take action today and get started on the path to transforming your life for good!

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