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Get the good night's sleep you've been dreaming of.

If sleepless nights leave you drained and weary imagine a life where the bed isn't a battleground, but a sanctuary. The Complete Sleep Success online program is your ultimate guide to conquering insomnia and embracing nights of refreshing sleep.

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Conquer insomnia and reclaim your nights!

I know you're skeptical – you've tried countless remedies, faced disappointment, and questioned whether anything truly works. It's time to leave those doubts behind.


The Complete Sleep Success program isn't just another fleeting solution; it's a transformative journey that addresses the core of your sleep struggles.

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Sarah L.
Florida & N. Carolina

25+ year insomniac

"It was hard for me to believe that it would only take six weeks to fix something that I've struggled with for like 20 years. Now, I no longer spend time thinking about it. My head hits the pillow and I fall asleep quickly, I feel more energetic, and I have the belief that I am a good sleeper."

How do I know this is the answer?

Because it's the exact process I used to conquer 30+ years of insomnia.

I'm not just a sleep expert; I'm someone who has walked the path you're on. For over 30 years, I coped with daily exhaustion, frustrated that I couldn't sleep. I tried everything from mainstream pharmaceuticals to the unconventional like banana peel tea. However, it was through my unwavering commitment to research that I finally discovered a process of behavioural change that transformed my life.

Today, I am fueled by a deep passion to share the power of the Complete Sleep Success program, empowering you to conquer insomnia and wake each day feeling rested and motivated to live your dream life. I've not only conquered my own 30-year battle with insomnia but have helped countless others find the restorative sleep they were searching for.


You deserve to get the sleep you've been craving so you can embrace life you were meant to live.

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Imagine Your Life Transformed

The fear of investing in yet another remedy only to be left disappointed is real. But this is your moment to break free from that cycle.

This program is crafted on decades of research provided by the best medical schools in the world and backed by success stories of countless individuals just like you.

Picture this: a night where the weight of exhaustion doesn't press heavily, where you slip into sleep without a second thought.

Envision mornings where you wake up refreshed, ready to embrace the day with newfound energy.

With Complete Sleep Success, this isn't just a distant fantasy – it's your reality waiting to be unlocked.

What Well Rested Clients Say

"I couldn't believe how fast this started working for me. By the 3rd or 4th week I was consistently having restful sleep almost every night. It was such a relief to know I could break the pattern. My outlook on life is so much better when I sleep, and I am so much sharper at work."

Kristen R.
Denver, CO
12+ year insomniac

"I am absolutely amazed at how much my sleep has changed in just 6 weeks! Now I'm sleeping through the night regularly. I'm feeling more refreshed from my sleep. my entire outlook and experience of sleep has been transforming for the better!"

Damian N.
Louisville, KY
30+ year insomniac

"Before working with Lana, I was really struggling with my sleep and it was affecting my day-to-day life and work. Since working with Lana, my sleep has completely changed. I sleep through the night and feel like a different person. She got my life back on track and I'm very grateful."

Grady W.
Los Angeles, CA

<1 year insomniac

Regain your sleep and reclaim control.

Lying awake night after night isn't just an inconvenience; it's a thief that steals your vitality, joy, and productivity. It's a disruption to the quality of your life.


Imagine what you could achieve if your nights were restful and your days were energized.

By conquering insomnia, you're not just reclaiming your sleep – you're regaining control of your well-being.


Say goodbye to staring at the ceiling during the night and being foggy-headed in the mornings. Open the door to a life where you can tackle challenges with a clear mind and a vibrant spirit.

Ashley Cruz.jpg

Ashley C.
Edmonton, AB
1+ year insomniac

"Improving my sleep has improved every other area of my life, and I'm grateful that I now have the knowledge and tools to maintain good sleep even when life gets stressful. I can't believe I wasn't doing it before!"

Image by Peter Conlan
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