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Shift work is very disruptive to your sleep and can be quite hard to manage. Understanding how sleep works can help you better manage your changing sleep patterns. You will learn why you sleep, strategies to manage shifting from day to night and back, and key tools to help get the best sleep possible despite your changing work schedule. 

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Myths, Facts, & Tools

What you need to know about sleep to survive shift work.

Wednesday, May 25

3 pm MDT | 5 pm EDT

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Presented by Lana Walsh, Sleep & Wellness Expert

Lana Walsh is a Sleep & Wellness Expert who helps people overcome insomnia, so they wake up feeling rested and refreshed. After a decade of dealing with undiagnosed restless leg syndrome (RLS), Lana developed chronic insomnia. 

For 30 years, she struggled to find the answer to her sleep, trying “literally everything” without relief. When Lana was introduced to the stress-busting process of emotional freedom techniques (EFT, a.k.a. tapping), she started sleeping better. Determined to continue this path, she began researching sleep where she finally found the answer to curing her insomnia. She is passionate about sharing the secrets to overcoming insomnia and helping people get the same results that have transformed her life. 

Lana is a co-author of the Amazon Bestseller, Creating Impact, The Ultimate Guide for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, founder of Upgrade Your Sleep: A Powerful Method to Overcoming Sleeplessness, executive contributor for Brainz Magazine, registered CBTi coach, and Conscious EFT Level 1-2 practitioner.

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