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Happy Body Summit

I will be live with 31 other health & wellness experts from all over Canada and the US, to share with you a one-of-a-kind experience - a community, if you will - of health professionals guiding you towards a healthy, happy, and peaceful body.

I will be part of the Sleep & Stress Expert Panel on Tuesday, May 10 at 4:30 pm

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How to Survive Shiftwork

Shiftwork is very disruptive to your sleep and can be quite hard to manage. Understanding how sleep works can help you better manage your changing sleep patterns. Participants will learn why they sleep, strategies to manage shifting from day to night and back, and key tools to help get the best sleep possible despite the changing schedule.

Attend this 90-minute masterclass on May 25 @ 3 pm MDT | 5 pm EDT for just $97 US and learn how to manage your sleep despite all the changes and difficulties of working differing shifts and schedules. Click here to register.

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Half-Day Sleep Masterclass

This half-day masterclass will help you understand your sleep better so you can get the rest you want, need, and deserve.


You will learn why it's important, how much you need, why you might have trouble sleeping, some key tips on how to get your best night of sleep, and so much more!

Join me on Wednesday, June 1 for this 2-hour masterclass @ 11 am MDT | 1 pm EDT for just $97 US. Click here to learn more and to register.

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In September 2021, I was excited to be included in the Amazon bestselling compilation book, Creating Impact, The Ultimate Guide for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.

I shared my story of over 30 years of insomnia, how I found the cure, and the passion to help thousands of people overcome insomnia by building a coaching business.

Amazon Bestselling Compilation Book: Creating Impact

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