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I Stopped Sleeping In On The Weekends. You Should Too. Here's Why.

Do you suffer from the Sunday night or Monday morning blues? You know, dreading going back to work on Monday?

Here’s the scenario… On Sunday, you start thinking about going back to work the next day, and that night, you think...

“I should go to bed early because I have to be up early for work.”

You get into bed, you toss and turn, unable to sleep, and you start to get frustrated that you can’t sleep. Then you start thinking about getting up early the next day and how tired you will be.

Maybe you start thinking about all the work you must do. Then you start to stress about it and maybe even dread it.

As you continue tossing and turning, worrying, and stressing, you start to think that maybe you don’t really like this job. Why else would Sunday night be so hard?

Perhaps it has nothing to do with your job.

Maybe neglecting your sleep during the week and sleeping in on the weekend could be the reason why.

Check out my latest article for Brainz Magazine on why you should stop sleeping in on the weekends.

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