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Lana is a Sleep Expert who helps people consistently sleep through the night, so they have the energy to live the life of their dreams. For 30 years, she “tried everything” to fix her insomnia, and finally, in 2020, Lana learned a technique to reduce stress and anxiety which helped her sleep better and stop using sleeping pills. This led to her to researching sleep where she found the cure for insomnia. In addition to helping others who have also struggled for decades with their sleep, she shares her experience and knowledge with businesses and organizations so their teams can better understand how sleep might be affecting them or their colleagues.

Upgrade Your Sleep: From Sleep Deprived Sufferer to Rested Achiever

Weaving her own story of a decades-long fight to sleep through the night, Lana shares why sleep is so important, how insomnia develops, and how to fix it. Throughout the session, you will learn how to overcome the number one reason people can't sleep, how to schedule your workday to be the most productive, and some specific habits to stop that can contribute to developing insomnia. (90 minutes)

Upgrade Your Sleep: Myths, Facts, & Keys to Understanding Sleep & Getting The Rest You Deserve

In this 3-hour masterclass we debunk the many myths about sleep, including how much sleep you need, why its important, the habits that are keeping you from getting sleep, the single biggest factor affecting you, and the key tools and strategies to having consistent sleep.

Myths, Facts, & Tools: What You Need to Know About Sleep to Survive Shift Work.

Shift work is very disruptive to your sleep and can be quite hard to manage. Understanding how sleep works can help you better manage your changing sleep patterns. You will learn why you sleep, strategies to manage shifting from day to night and back, and key tools to help get the best sleep possible despite your changing work schedule. (90 minutes)

What Everyone Ought to Know: The Startling Facts About Insomnia

During this 20-minute presentation, you will learn about insomnia, its prevalence, how it develops, the surprising cost to the economy and society, and how it can be treated.

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Kara Brown, Beamdog

Thank you so much for the excellent lunch and learn today. Our employees very much enjoyed the discussion and continued it offline after the end of the meeting. Our team really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you