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Lana Walsh is a sleep and insomnia expert. For 30 years, she coped with daily exhaustion, where she would lie awake most nights frustrated that she couldn’t sleep. She’d wake up so exhausted that she would have to convince herself to get up and live her life. During this time, she tried everything from pharmaceuticals to banana peel tea. Through dedicated research, she finally found a specific process of behavior changes that completely transformed her life. Now, she is passionate about sharing how this process conquers insomnia, so you wake up rested and motivated to live your dream life. During her highly engaging talks, she shares her first-hand experience and knowledge so businesses, organizations, associations, and teams can better understand how sleep (or lack of it) might be affecting them or their colleagues.

From Sleep Deprived Sufferer to Rested Achiever: 3 Steps to Conquer Chronic Tiredness & Improve Productivity, Focus, Safety, & Well-being

Perfect for employees, teams, individuals, conferences, unions, and associations

Weaving her own story of a decades-long fight to sleep through the night, Lana shares why you should prioritize your sleep. In this 60-minute interactive session, participants will take away:

  • the #1 reason they can't sleep and strategies to overcome it

  • 2 habits that lead to insomnia and what to do instead

  • one strategy to improve their sleep

  • how their energy fluctuates through the day and best way to schedule their day to be their most productive

Myths, Facts, & Tools: What You Need to Know About Sleep to Survive Shift Work

Perfect for any organization that employs shift workers

Shift work is very disruptive to your sleep and can make it difficult to get things done at home and work. Understanding how sleep works can help you better manage your changing sleep patterns. In this 90-minute session, participants will take away: 

  • the most important thing to know about surviving shiftwork

  • strategies to transition from day to night shift

  • 3 tools to get their best sleep despite their changing schedule

How Chronic Tiredness is Costing Your Business Money & Efficiency: 3 Steps to Conquering Tiredness & Improving Job Satisfaction

Perfect for chambers, business leaders, HR professionals, and membership associations 

This 60-minute, highly interactive session explains why business leaders should take sleep deprivation amongst their staff seriously. Participants will take away:

  • the best time of day to hold important meetings

  • why chronic tiredness is an epidemic and how it affects productivity

  • the direct cost to businesses for not addressing sleep issues

  • how sleep, health and mental health are interrelated

What Everyone Ought to Know: The Startling Facts About Insomnia

Perfect for Rotary Clubs, Breakfast Clubs, and groups that have limited time in their agenda

During this 20-minute presentation, participants will take away:

  • what insomnia is, its prevalence, and how to treat it

  • how insomnia develops

  • the surprising cost to the economy and society

What People Say


Kara Brown, Beamdog

Thank you so much for the excellent lunch and learn today. Our employees very much enjoyed the discussion and continued it offline after the end of the meeting. Our team really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you

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