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My proven process, Upgrade Your Sleep, will have you sleeping better in just a few weeks.


 Do you feel like you've tried everything to get a better night's rest?

I can completely relate. For 30 years I suffered with insomnia. I would wake up at 2 or 3 am and toss and turn for hours. 


I read and tried everything I could find and believed I would never sleep through the night.


But I was wrong. There is something that works, and it cured my insomnia.


That's the Upgrade Your Sleep Method a step-by-step process to reprogram your brain and body to sleep through the night so you can wake up every day feeling rested and refreshed.


So many people jump through the hoops of the regular sleep advice

in an attempt to get better rest...

Changing their Environment

Is your bedroom the ideal space for sleep? Good bed, right sheets, black out blinds, no distractions?

Changing their Lifestyle

Is your lifestyle conducive to getting your best sleep? Exercise, reduce caffeine and alcohol, no devices?

Taking Supplements

Are you using some natural remedies? Sleepy Time tea, melatonin, magnesium supplements?

Downing Medications

Have you tried medications? Xanax, Ativan, Zopiclone, Trazadone, Nembutal, Tylenol or Exedrin PM?

The problem with trying all these things is...

 they do not address the root cause of your sleep problems because...


insomnia is a learned behaviour.

Over time, your brain has learned that bedtime and your bed are a time and place to be awake and active...

Your thoughts, behaviours, and habits


have continued to maintain and sustain your insomnia.

No matter what you try to change – your environment, lifestyle, supplements or medications – you will not sleep well consistently until you... 

Reprogram your mind and body to sleep.

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That's why I created my Upgrade Your Sleep process.

I take you step-by-step through the process of resetting your sleep cycle and reprogramming your brain so you can sleep through the night consistently and wake up feeling rested.

It will help you wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy, and ready to live the life of your dreams.

Here's what some of my clients have to say...

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Family Kayaking

More stamina to be active with the family

Young Couple

Less irritable to improve your relationships

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

More energy to engage in a healthier lifestyle

Work Decisions

Less brain fog to make good, smart decisions

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More creativity to solve your business problems

On the Top

More endurance to reach those big goals


This process is how I overcame 30 years of insomnia, a decade’s dependence on sleep medication, and a diagnosed sleep disorder. I was able to cure my insomnia and wake up feeling refreshed and energized every day.

I used to put off to tomorrow all the things I really wanted in my life. More energy to exercise and eat right. The brain power to sign up for courses and trainings. Saying yes to events and activities in the evenings.

This process using the clinically proven method developed at Harvard  University allowed me to say "YES!" every day, instead of "maybe tomorrow."

By the time you complete this step-by-step process, you will be able to...


sleep deeply, restfully, and say "YES!" to the life of your dreams.

Barb Dinan
Lethbridge, AB
15+ year insomniac

When Barb joined my program, she had trouble sleeping 5 nights a week. She would be awake for 2½ to 3½ hours, only getting about 4-5 hours per night. She improved throughout the program but then Christmas came along and the stress of the season caused her to regress to almost pre-program sleep patterns.

She continued to use the strategies she learned and by the one-month post-program check-in, Barb’s sleep had improved dramatically. She felt she had cured her insomnia and said she only had trouble sleeping about one night a week and she was awake for “maybe an hour.” That’s a 93% improvement!

Barb said, “This program was very helpful not only for a good night sleep, but also to lessen stress and anxiety. How wonderful to have reversed the nights of sleeplessness and get a full night’s sleep!” 

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Heather W.
Foremost, AB
20+ year insomniac

Before Heather joined my program, she was quite skeptical. She told me, "My sleep isn't that bad." And, "I've already read everything there is to know about sleep. I don't think it will help me." 


In the beginning, she had trouble sleeping five nights a week and was awake 1-2½ hours per night. After those bad nights of sleep, she said she felt irritable, unmotivated, even listless.


During the program, her sleep was completely transformed. She no longer had those negative feelings about her sleep and by the last week of the program, she only had trouble sleeping two nights in the week, spending a measly 30 minutes awake each night.


Heather said, "I'm so glad  that I took the time to work through this course with Lana.  If you had told me at the beginning that I would be sleeping less hours and feeling more rested I would not have believed you.  But that’s exactly what happened!”


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