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Educational Sleep Programs for Teams & Organizations

A well-rested team is more productive, has fewer sick days, makes fewer errors, is more motivated, can better manage difficult people, and work more efficiently.​

Research shows when people can't sleep, they have:


Higher healthcare costs


Increase in workplace accidents


More errors due to lack of focus


Reduction in productivity due to absenteeism and presenteeism


Hidden Cost to Business

  • Irritability

    • ​Can have a negative effect on relationships with co-workers, managers, clients, and suppliers (68% of people in one survey said they found it harder to deal with challenging colleagues).

  • Poor Decisions

    • From impaired judgement (an inability to foresee consequences and a lack of caring), reduced creativity, and an inability to think strategically. 

  • Mental Health

    • ​More likely to have or develop mental health disorders (approximately 50% of people with insomnia have depression, anxiety, or psychological stress).

Insomnia is on the rise.

Prior to the pandemic, experts estimated that about 30% of people had insomnia. In February 2022, the Journal of Sleep Research found that as many as 60% of people had insomnia.

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Team Meeting

Book your Planning Session and help your staff get the sleep they need to improve productivity, focus, safety, and well-being while reducing stress, turnover, and absenteeism.

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