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"It's impossible to describe what it feels like to sleep through the night to someone who has insomnia. But when you finally do it consistently, the results are absolutely transformational!"

Lana Walsh, former insomniac

Half Full Moon

What is CBT-i

CBT-i (cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia) is a science based, clinically proven therapy developed at Harvard University. It is considered the gold standard in treating insomnia by both the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Canadian Sleep Society. CBT-i involves three specific areas.

Night Sky

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is important for a number of reasons. It helps to conserve and restore your energy so when you wake up, you are refreshed and ready to take on the day. It's also important for memory, cognitive functioning, and healing your body.

Programs & Services

Group Calls

Upgrade Your Sleep

Upgrade Your Sleep is a coaching program that takes you step-by-step through the proven process to reprogram your brain, body and sleep cycle that allows you to sleep through the night consistently so you can wake up feeling rested.

Team Meeting

Corporate Sleep Programs

When employees are not getting the sleep they need, it has a negative impact on mood, work performance, and long-term health. This corporate program includes the sleep education, tips and strategies that will have your staff performing at their best.

Motivational Speaker


Do you host summits or podcasts? Looking for a great lunch and learn topic? I love sharing sleep tips and strategies, and educating people on why sleep is important. Download my press kit and reach out to see how I could tailor a talk for your audience.

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